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My Portfolio

My experience has been diverse and rewarding! At WJ Agency, I managed a range of portfolio as a Senior Project Manager which includes web, digital campaigns. At  Battens Hub, I work on the loyalty reward platform as well as our e-commerce product primarily focused around attracting, converting and retaining our target audience as a Product Manager while ensuring that the brand maintains a positive service experience.

I also led the development team at Pet Cancer Foundation as a Development Manager where I work with developers to implement the process flow and user experience for their Canadian and United states store soon to be launched.


Below are some of the exciting products/projects that I have worked on.

Product/Project Management

 Feature Product

Online Pharmacy Store

I had the opportunity to lead the development of an online pharmacy from initiation to product launch (0 to 1). The idea was to build a pharmaceutical store that could easily sell to potential clients, provide consultation and verify prescriptions while promising a fast delivery of product needed.

I worked with a cross functional and distributed team which included pharmacists to research the potential users, market and competitive landscape. I also worked with the stakeholders to determine the most important metrics and features to implement before developing a roadmap.

I also worked with the marketing team to define the post launch go-to-market strategies including using analytics tools to identify purchasing behaviors and refine the e-commerce experience for clients.

Feature Product

Student Managment Portal for a University

I led the development team as the Product Owner to deliver a data automation portal processing student details for their change of courses and also automated the workflow for clearing graduating students. Several considerations was made which included

  • Understanding the stack used by the school.
  • Setting up various meetings with stakeholders to align expectations.
  • Prioritizing features, maintaining product backlog, setting sprint goal, developing the roadmap and setting the definition of done.

Feature Product

Academic Support Services site.

I managed a distributed and cross functional team to develop an online academic support services website aimed at helping international students in the United Kingdom Higher Institutions excel at their various academic pursuit.

I coordinated the market research and identified the persona that will be in the key user group.

Asides th regular Product Management tasks, I also worked with the team on branding, marketing strategies and optimization of the marketing funnel to convert potential clients based on the predefined metrics.

Web Development

Other than implementing the design and development of a website, other responsibilities that I was engaged on includes optimizing websites for growth using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Analytics tools to monitor user trends and behavior. Other functions also include speed optimization for website and management of hosting services.